Between October, 1976 and June, 2001, I practiced both civil and criminal law in all Louisiana state and federal courts.  Since retiring from the practice of law in 2001, I have been providing state and federal legal research and writing, case review, and other litigation support to attorneys in Louisiana, Nevada, Arizona, California, Utah, Texas, Florida and Massachusetts. I have also provided research and writing for other jurisdictions. I also provide Nevada and Arizona Living Trusts.

During my twenty-five years of practice, including almost five years as a Louisiana Assistant Attorney General, I have written many and varied pleadings and pre-trial, trial and appellate briefs in all Louisiana forums in which I practiced. I also did a great deal of decision writing while clerking at the Louisiana First Circuit Court of Appeal, and while serving for many years as an Administrative Law Judge for the Louisiana Civil Service Commission, the Louisiana State Police Commission and other Louisiana state agencies.

Since 2001, I have also written pleadings and briefs in the state and federal courts of other jurisdictions.

I have a wide variety of legal experience, and very strong research, writing, organizational and computer skills. I use Westlaw online for research, which I have been using since 1981, when I was trained by Westlaw attorneys.

My work can help you with your workload, and assist you in moving your cases toward a successful conclusion (without all of the employee overhead, taxes and costs). With one assignment, I can show you the quality and timeliness of my work.

Open or download my resume as a PDF file, or view my resume online. And here are writing samples for Louisiana and Nevada.

References will be promptly provided upon request, or contact these attorneys for whom I’ve worked.

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